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Womens Health

As a woman, I know the struggles that we all have to go through. 

From PMS, to trying to conceive, infertility, pregnancy, miscarriages, post-natal care and in later years, peri-menopausal stage, the menopause, and life afterwards.

Every month as our cycles roll on, we are flooded with all these different hormones being released into our bodies in varying amounts, on different days and causing various changes.  This means that we work in very different ways to our male counterparts and our care and wellbeing is different too.

We can adapt what we are doing with our diet and lifestyle to suit the stages of our lives and cycles and to help make each stage a little easier on both our bodies and minds.

I can help you to navigate these difficult times by looking at you as an individual and together we can find a holistic route to help you to feel good again and get back in the driving seat.  We will taker a deep dive into your symptoms, diet, lifestyle, stress, sleep and much more and create a plan together for your route forward and to feeling better.

If this sounds like something which your body is screaming for, then contact me for a free discovery call, where I can talk you through the process a bit more.

The different stages of womenhood 

On a normal month, for the normal woman, we should treat ourselves differently depending on where in our cycle we are.  If we are looking to start a project or train for something bigger, then we should aim for doing that in the first half of our cycle when our bodies are in the menstrual and follicular phase.  When our oestrogen and progesterone levels drop and more testosterone is released, we have more energy, focus and power.  The second half of our cycle, after ovulation and into the luteal phase,  we should aim to concentrate on calmer things and promote more self-care.​ As life moves on and and the peri-menopause arrives, we can be hit with all sorts of horrible symptoms, physical symptoms and feelings, and these can be caused by the hormones inside us going haywire. ​Not only can we adapt our projects and exercise to where we are in life and our cycles but we can adapt what we eat to suit where we are.​Being a woman can be difficult no matter what stage of life you are at.  We can work together to see where you are at and create a plan, moving forward to help you to feel replenished and ready to take on the world.​

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